Joining the AMSP

Are you interested in becoming an AMSP scholar? If so, here is a list of information, requirements and instructions on how you can give yourself the opportunity to do so.

Scholars are taught:
  • Approaches for incorporating education about alcohol and drugs into the curriculum of your medical school.
  • Ways to develop optimal slides and lectures, speaking skills and teaching techniques.
  • Skills for developing academic careers.
Scholars are offered:
  • Two 3-day meetings each year for two years in which the Scholar learns skills and develops lectures on topics pertaining to alcohol and drugs of abuse. All expenses are covered by AMSP.
  • Two conference calls each year to discuss progress and problems each of the two years.
Requirements for AMSP Scholars:
  • Full-time faculty member of a United States medical school (Part-time faculty are not considered).
  • Potential to influence curriculum in your medical school.
  • Interest in improving your skills developing and giving lectures and expanding education on alcohol and drug-related issues for medical students and other school of medicine trainees.
  • Interest OR experience in alcohol/drug treatment or research (prior experience is not required).
  • Ability to adhere to strict deadlines and participate fully in all meetings and conference calls during your 2-year tenure as an AMSP Scholar.
How to apply to be an AMSP Scholar:
  • Review the lectures on this website to see if you believe you could create similar high-quality lectures and expand education on alcohol/drug issues in your school of medicine.
  • E-mail your curriculum vitae and letter of interest to:
    Dr. Marc A. Schuckit, M.D. , Director, AMSP
    Professor of Psychiatry
    University of California San Diego
    Director, Alcohol Drug Treatment Program
    VA San Diego Healthcare System
    In your letter of intent, please describe the reasons you would like to be a scholar in AMSP.
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