Ali M. Yurasek, Ph.D.

University of Florida

Ali M. Yurasek, Ph.D. Junior Scholar


Ali M. Yurasek joined the faculty in the Department of Health Education and Behavior at the University of Florida in 2016. She completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Memphis in 2014. She has expertise in conducting and evaluating brief motivational interventions (BMIs) for marijuana and alcohol use among at-risk populations. Her primary research interests include using behavioral economic theory to identify risk factors for substance misuse and poor response to treatment, as well as examining marijuana use amid the changing legal climate. Additionally, she is interested in working with substance using juvenile offenders and court-involved youth and using behavioral economic theory to adapt BMIs for at-risk youth and their families. Dr. Yurasek was awarded a K23 career development award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2019 to adapt a behavioral economic intervention for truant youth who use marijuana.

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