Hayley Treloar Padovano, Ph.D.

Brown University

Hayley Treloar Padovano, Ph.D. Alumni 2016 - 2018


Hayley Treloar Padovano received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and quantitative minor in psychological statistics and methods from the University of Missouri. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies of Brown University. Her research focuses on understanding the etiology of Alcohol Use Disorder during adolescence and mechanisms of treatment effects through the application of ecological momentary assessment via smartphones in adolescents' daily lives.

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Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Brown University
Box G-S121-4
Providence, RI 02912-G


(401) 863-6623


(401) 863-6647


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