Using PowerPoint

Susan Tapert, Ph.D.

Alcohol Medical Scholars Program

I.            Overview

A.                Pros & Cons

B.                 Hardware

C.                Software


II.                 Pros & Cons


III.               Hardware

A.                Lumens

1.      Can leave lights on if >1000

B.                 Resolution

1.      Nice if >1000

C.                Weight

1.      Nice if <7 lbs.

D.            Plugging it all in

1.      Give yourself 30 minutes!!

2.      Plug laptop & projector in to power

3.      Plug in laptop to projector

4.      Turn on projector

5.      Boot up laptop

6.      Open presentation

7.      May need Function-F8 to send image

8.      Adjust & focus image


IV.            Software

A.                Template

B.                 Layout

C.                Text: Keep Text Simple!

1.      Colors: Contrast

2.      Size

                                                             a.      This is 32-point

                                                            b.      This is 28-point

                                                             c.      This is 24-point – aim for this as a minimum

                                                            d.      This is 20 – never get smaller than this!
                                                             e.      Can you see 18-point?
                                                              f.      16-point? Help!

3.      How much text: Keep Text Simple!

4.      Font type

l   These fonts have “serifs”:

   This is Times New Roman

   This is Garamond

l   These fonts do not have serifs:

  This is Arial

  This is Verdana

  This is Lucinda Sans

    Which do you think are easier to read?

5.      Capitalization

D.                Graphics

1.      Tables

2.      Graphs

E.                 How to make footers

1.      View

2.      Master

3.      Slide master

F.                 Animation

1.      Add interest

2.      Help make a point

3.      Don’t distract!


V.            Summary

A.                Pros & Cons

B.                 Hardware

C.                Software